College Recruiting & Athletic Scholarship Info Session

Posted by Oceanside Minor Softball on Jan 29 2018 at 09:10PM PST

CVI RAGE invite all Parents and Players to attend…

College Recruiting & Athletic Scholarship
Info Session

Monday, February 12 @ 6 pm
Arbutus Meadows

THINK of the time, money and effort you have invested in developing your son or daughter as a student athlete! But what have you Invested in a COLLEGE RECRUITING STRATEGY?

Presenter, Bill Green of Vancouver Island based, Triple Play Athletics is a former principal, college instructor, athlete, coach and father of a son who made it to Major

League Baseball. Bill understands the recruiting process and has helped nearly 1500 male and female athletes achieve their dreams!

There are 1,673 college/university softball programs in North America! You’ve got a shot…IF you take action!

Learn about the ULTIMATE WINNING COMBINATION… College Athletic Recruiting Workshops

Top NCAA coaches have called the Triple Play Athletics “GET THERE” Program “The Missing Link“ in the player development and college recruiting process. Check out a free trial of the GET THERE workshop at

FREE BC Ministry of Education courses designed to help student athletes in any BC school achieve academic credits for their work as an athlete! See 250 702 5071

*This is a FREE presentation


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